I’ve been kind of obsessed with 50 Cent’s new reality show “The Money and the Power.” If you haven’t been following, it’s like a g-style version of The Apprentice where the contestants live in a crappy warehouse while they are tested and judged by Mr. Fitty and his G-Unit crew.

Every week the challenges revolve around one of 50’s words of street wisdom – such as “Choose Your Crew Wisely,” “Respect the Hustle,” and one of my favorite new sayings “Turn Sh** To Sugar.”

Just last week, I mixed a little sh** with Fitty’s wisdom and a healthy scoop of a Mindshift technique learned from the always awesome Steve Chandler to overcome an obstacle. And the results were delicious. In fact, I’m looking forward to stepping in more sh** just to use these techniques.

The Situation

You may know that Tara and I just launched Online PR News – and were so very excited about it. If you’ve ever launched anything, you know that it requires a lot of time, money, and emotional investment to create the best product or service available. You want every single person to love it and have the best possible experience…

Then this happened:

Sure enough, the site was throwing an error whenever anyone tried to add the SEO upgrade to their press release.

Three options for responding quickly ran through my mind:

  • Response Option #1 – The fear-based response: Don’t reply to the person, just fix the problem and chalk it up to a loss.
  • Response Option #2 – The lack of responsibility response: Send a “computer generated” sounding response like “we’re sorry to hear about your issue and will attend to the problem right away,” signed, the company.
  • Response Option #3 – The ownership response: Reply as a real person, admit the mistake, genuinely thanking them for alerting us to the problem (as you know, most people will get an error and just move on) and offer a free upgrade in exchange for their troubles, signed, Christine O’Kelly.

A Mindshift in Action

Then I remembered the wise words of Steve Chandler from his Mindshift course… He said (and I’m paraphrasing) that we need to shift our thinking – literally change the words we hear in our mind when we face a problem. Instead of thinking “I have a problem that I have to deal with,” think “I’ve been presented with an opportunity to make my businesses better.”

As a result, I chose response option #3. The customer was not only happy to receive the free upgrade, but even promoted us on a social networking site that she belonged to. She has since become a repeat customer and posted an “I Love Online PR News” to her network on Twitter. Thanks!!

Why Learning To Turn Shit Into Sugar Is So Incredibly Powerful

The majority of the reason any of us don’t live up to our potential the way we know we should is based on FEAR. If you put yourself out there, you absolutely will be faced with rejection, roadblocks, and problems – there’s just no doubt about that.

But if you learn to shift your mind and consider problems to be opportunities for growth, you will then willingly go boldly into situations that may lead to rejection, roadblocks, and problems, because they will only make you better.

What have you been afraid to do? Why? Get out there and do it, learn to turn crappy situations that everyone else is avoiding into sweet opportunities for yourself!

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