Back in the days when I was hitchhiking around the country, my home for many months was a tent in a gorgeous cove off the coast of California’s Highway 1 just north of Santa Cruz.

It was there that I learned what has perhaps become one of the most essential pieces of business advice from another vagabond named Davin.

Davin shared the cove with us – or rather, we shared the cove with him. He was living on the beach after ending a relationship with his fiancée and having nowhere to live.

Though Davin was homeless, he always looked sharp, clean, and pimped out unlike many of the other vagabond travelers around Santa Cruz. One night Davin returned “home” with a new pair of shoes and a great looking haircut.

I asked him, “how do you get all of this stuff?!?” and he replied, “Closed mouth doesn’t get fed – you’ve got to ask for what you want!”

That piece of advice hasn’t left me in 10 years and has helped me achieve more than I dare to account for. If you want something, you’ve got to ask people for what you want. And although this is so simple, most people don’t. As a result, they don’t get what they want.

Last week, two people contacted me through my blog asking me if I could use their services. In both cases, I just happened to need exactly what they had. As a result, I won’t be searching for anyone else to fill this need and I expect both of these people to profit.

  • If you want more money from clients or your employer, ask.
  • If you want a promotion, ask.
  • If you want to partner with someone on a project, ask.
  • If you want someone to promote your products or services, ask.

It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t mean that the person you ask will always give you what you want. But chances are extremely high that you won’t get it if you don’t ask.

Your Thoughts

What do you want right now that you have been resistant to ask for? Have you ever been hesitant to ask for something but then surprised at how easy it was to get it once you did ask? What is holding you back from asking for what you want?

photo credit: Robin Triplets via photopin (license)

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