Start a Freelancing Business

After starting this blog and receiving emails from people all over the world who were desperate to quit their horrible jobs, stay home with their kids, or take more control over their time, I decided to share everything I have learned through trial and error about starting a freelancing business.

My 26-page ebook, “How I Built A Profitable Freelance Business for Under $50 (And How You Can Too!)” explains the exact steps that I took to go from flat broke to earning $6,000 – $8,000 per month just by doing freelance writing.

Writing is what I love, but this book isn’t only for writers. I believe that anyone with any skill can take what they know and become a profitable freelancer – even if you are not an absolute expert yet. There is a demand for people of all skill levels in today’s market.

I wasn’t an expert SEO writer when I started my SEO copywriting business! I knew the basics and learned along the way, increasing my rates as I expanded my knowledge. In this ebook, I talk about how you can find a place in the market at whatever level of expertise you happen to be at now and grow to become a rockstar in your industry.

Learn From My Mistakes!

The strategies I share in this ebook aren’t rocket science – but they are things that weren’t apparent to me when I first went into business for myself. Nothing in this book will take long to learn or implement once you know exactly where to focus your energy.

You’ll find icons like these throughout the document:

Advice From The Trenches offers nitty gritty details about what it’s like to work with real clients. Procrastination Buster tips will help you push through tasks that you may find yourself putting off for one reason or another. There is no reason why you cannot have a freelance business up and running in a week if you are really committed.

I’ll give you some powerful questions that you can ask yourself that will determine how much money you can command, how valuable potential clients will perceive you to be, and how to gain the edge over your competition – even if you’re brand new. I dedicate 6 pages (1/4 of the book) to setting prices and how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that I made! I’ll also tackle the biggest fear that I hear from most people about freelancing – creating a steady, reliable, ongoing income.

Can You Really Start A Freelancing Business for Less Than 50 Bucks?

I did! If you take every step in this ebook, you’ll spend $41.87 to have your business up and running (and that includes the $12 price of this ebook!) I launched my freelance business with nothing but an email address. I simply didn’t have the money to spend on all the things most people say you need when starting a business and was forced to work creatively with the resources I had. My computer was even an old clunker when I started! Right after I quit my job an had no income, my computer died. I bought a computer for $100 that I found on Craigslist and that is the computer that started my entire business. I’ve bought 2 new computers since those days!

Modern Businesses are Hungry for Freelancers

Today’s business environment is not like it was in the past. Today, businesses are becoming smaller and leaner and are outsourcing work in all areas of their business. This is the way of today’s business and now is the ideal time to take advantage of this paradigm shift.

At first, I struggled to get business. I was broke and miserable! But then I had a few major ah-ha moments. Since then, I never had to worry about getting business again and I explain exactly how I did this in these 26 pages. I have hardly spent any energy or money on marketing during the entire two and a half years that I have been a freelancer but have enjoyed steady work consistently.

Freelancing Changed My Life

Freelancing has given me a life that was unimaginable before. When I was home with my kids in the early years, I was so bored intellectually and wanted more than anything to find a way to bring more income to our household. Then when I went to go work at the cubicle farm, I would cart my two kids off to daycare for 10 hours a day (at a cost of $1,290 per month!) while being underpaid to make someone else rich. Now I have more time to spend with them. I walk them to and from school and am available to the after school activities they want to be involved in. I work when and where I want. Last week I even did some work on my laptop while I was out getting a pedicure. I run errands while everyone else is at work and the stores are quiet.

But more importantly, I have unplugged from “The Matrix.” I’m not confined by the same way of thinking that I had when I was working for someone else. There are opportunities all around that I just could not see when I was in the employee mindset. I’m still unlearning what I was always taught about wealth and possibility, but let me tell you – the journey is exciting!

If freelancing sounds like a great way for you to earn a nice income, take control of your life, and perhaps even fund even bigger entrepreneurial dreams you may have, then this ebook is for you. I hope you enjoy it and wish you all the success imaginable in starting your freelancing business!


What Others are Saying…

No sooner did I plunder through her eBook to find ways to sell more of my coaching programs than I had a whole bunch of freelance copywriting come my way. Coincidence? Magic? Hell no, I just did what she said on page 17. I just didn’t expect it to get me all the work I could handle for 2 weeks straight.

– Dave Navarro, Time Management Coach

Christine’s book came out just in time for me. I can honestly say I’ve made thousands more dollars because of her excellent advice.

– Micheal Martine, Business Blog Consultant

I recently got my hands on Christine’s e-book, “How I Built a Profitable Freelance Business for Under $50″, and I must say “Wow!”

I wrote a review for my own blog (Productivity in Context) recently, and Christine asked that I share something that I learned from the e-book. Well, let me tell you, I learned a couple of things. One thing, I am embarrassed to say, was something that I certainly should have thought of. Especially since I just ran a survey for my blog readers last month, to find out their preferences for our direction in 2008.


What I learned from Christine


Put together a questionnaire: “When you begin working with a new client, there is likely to be a series of questions you will need answered in order to get the job done to their specs…Think about everything you would ask a client and then create a questionnaire that can be sent to them to fill out. This makes it look as if you’re organized and have your system perfected.”


What a fantastic idea! I have created custom (paper) calendar applications for some of my readers, and each time we have gone through a couple of iterations as we zoom in on just what it is that they are looking for. I took a look at the e-mail exchanges we had after I read this passage. Oh my goodness. Every client had different needs, but I sent them almost exactly the same series of e-mails as we went through the process.


Duh. There is my questionnaire, and next time, I should be able to speed things up, and look better doing it.


Thanks, Christine!

– Stephen Smith, editor of Productivity in Context where he teaches people how to use basic tools and simple practices for taking control of their workflow situation, practical ways of being more productive at work and at home.

After only 2-3 pages I was hooked and had to finish reading it. It’s only 24 pages so it was an easy read, but seriously, these pages are filled with kick-ass tips & tricks and advices, definitely worth the $12 Christine is asking.

– Jonathan Phillips, Web Designer and creator of Freelance Folder

You explain everything in such a straightforward, easy to absorb way. What to do, what not to do, layouts for exactly what to say to potential clients, and revealed some common mistakes that I would never have thought of until I read the book. Like your blog, just way more intense!

– Conrad Hees of Conrad

I just finished reading a copy of your ebook and it is amazing! You really took the time to explain in detail all of the steps a person would need to take to get a freelance business going. You literally left no stone unturned and I am sure you will have tons of grateful readers because of that!

Tara, mother of triplets and up-and-coming entrepreneur

I already have a freelance writing business, but I saw a link to your e-book on another site and bought it instantly. I’ve got to say that there’s a ton of great information packed in those 24 pages – some that I never thought of – and it’s inspired me to take my business to the next level.

– The Word Wrangler, Freelance Copywriter

I just wanted to thank you from writing such a great E-book. I am usually weary of buying E-books because most people that write them are horrible writers that can’t put a coherent sentence together; but your E-book was by far the most informative, interesting and easy to read E-book I have seen.


I really enjoyed how you got strait to business but was still able to include a personal touch. Your E-book is more than a how to business E-book; it is very inspirational and motivational. You never tell the reader how to do something instead you give them suggestions on how to come up with their own ideas.

– Nick McDonald