Three weeks ago, Tara and I launched a brand new free press release submission site – Online PR News.

Today, 3 weeks later, it is ranking in:

  • the #9 spot in Google for one of our target keywords (competitiveness of the keyword is: 1,380,000),
  • the #13 spot in Google for another target keyword (competitiveness = 2,180,000)
  • the #10 spot in Yahoo for yet another target keyword (competitiveness=8,360,000)
  • various other spots for a variety of other keywords

Some SEOs that I know won’t touch a brand new site – one that I know won’t work with any client if their domain hasn’t existed for 3 years or more. Reason: it can sometimes take months for a site to even be indexed by search engines let alone rank on the first page. But who has time to wait? I’m moving at the speed of business and my clients are too. Over the years, we’ve developed strategies to get rankings quickly – and I’ll show you exactly how we did it in this post.

Factor #1: LOVE and PASSION

This probably sounds ridiculous to some, but I don’t care. I believe that love and passion for any site that you’re promoting is critical. I even bring this into our business practice. When I take on a client, I make sure that I can have the same level of love and passion for their site as we do our own – otherwise, things just don’t work out as well.

I’ve tried building sites based on money and not passion. They never got anywhere – and it all stemmed from me. Building and promoting them seemed like work. Coming up with ideas for content was like pulling teeth. I didn’t know enough about the target audience to really connect with them. I didn’t like the way I felt about the whole thing… so why would anyone else?

Many years ago, I decided to stop relying solely on all of the rehashed trends and strategies I was hearing out there. I decided to read Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s college paper titled PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web.

What I learned is that no matter what loopholes internet marketers find, Google’s goal is to rank the most useful and authoritative sites at the top of the rankings. So I’ve made a commitment to producing what I believe are the most useful sites to real people.

If you don’t have love and passion for what you are doing and for the people who will be utilizing your site, it will be an uphill battle to do all that is necessary to truly produce a great site and hence, get visibility for that site.

We created Online PR News because we wanted to provide the most feature-rich, best looking, most affordable press release submission website. We created it because we use PR sites constantly and wanted to combine all of the features WE desired in a press release like anchor text, image uploading, pull quotes, and an iFrame so that we readers can navigate to the publisher’s site right from the press release. (Take a look at this sample press release to see those features in action)

Sure, there are exceptions to this “love and passion” rule, but in general, if you are not passionate about the site that you are promoting, it just won’t get as far.

Are you truly and honestly passionate about what you do? Do you LOVE waking up in the morning to get to work on building that business? If not, there is time to find that thing you love and let the passion of it fuel your fire…

Factor #2: Resource Building and Diversified Publishing

For any product or service, there are a limitless number of resources that can accompany it to help others to use the product or service better or to use the product or service to enhance their lives. If your products or services – and the people who use it are something you are truly passionate about, it isn’t difficult to come up with a wealth value-added resources.

They key, however, is in publishing those resources. Many people publish their info on only a handful publishing resources such as their blog or website. But there are so many different places to publish content. If you choose those places wisely, many of them will offer a backlink to your site (which helps it to rank higher in the search engines) as well as visibility of that resource for the search terms.

Some of the types of content I publish are:

  • Hubpages – leverage an authority site to like Hubpages correctly can help bring your presence to the forefront quickly.
  • Slideshows – I publish how-to guides on slideshare to that truly help people learn how to accomplish a particular goal – such as this one called “Submit An SEO Press Release: A How To Guide
  • Article Marketing – I write articles that designed to help people build their businesses and syndicate them to a wealth of article directories
  • Press Releases – publish press releases on sites that offer search engine value
  • Free eBooks – promote them on eBook directories
  • Blogs – both by blogging and by reaching out to other bloggers whose readers could truly benefit from the services I offer
  • Social Networking Sites – We’ve scoured the web to find the best business networking sites that offer not only a useful service, but backlinks as well
    Directory Listings – Not all directories are great… but there are a handful that are
  • Wikis – while the links on sites like Wikipedia, Wikihow, and eHow are often “nofollow,” the exposure can be dramatic
  • Forums – helping others to solve their problems on blogs and forums can go a long way. I interviewed a wonderful entrepreneur, Chris Hanisco, aka, The Dippy Chick, who was found by the news media because of her active presence on a popular entrepreneur’s forum.
  • Email Marketing – reaching out to current clients and people who have expressed interest in our products and services to get the word out
  • Twitter – Thank you Angie (one of SEO Content Solution’s awesome writers and an online writing coach) for Tweeting about the new press release site!
  • Friends – Give friends and contacts to review your site and, if they like it, to give it a Stumble or recommend it to their contacts. Offer an incentive to review your site and invite them to link to it in their upcoming posts. For example, if you would like to review and link to Online PR News, I will gladly offer you a free SEO press release upgrade. Just send me an email with a link to your post and the title of your press release and I’ll pay for the upgrade 🙂

Are you spending too much time on any one particular blog, social media site, or other resource when you could be diversifying? It’s GREAT to have a few that you focus on more than others, but you could be holding yourself back by not tapping into all of the many options out there.

Factor #3: Strategic Keyword Planning

As an SEO copywriter and online marketer, one of the very first things I ask a client about is their keywords. Establishing the keywords you need to bring traffic to want is one of the most critical factors of a strong search engine ranking.

I’ve used a lot of keyword tools, but my favorite by far is Google’s keyword selector tool. With this, you can see how many people are searching, the level of competition, and be introduced to related keyword phrases that you may not have considered.

Keywords are essential in everything from writing title tags, to writing your on-page content, to titling articles, to the anchor text you’ll use in your published resources. You’ll want to keep your list of keywords handy and use them consistently in all of your publications.

Factor #4: Treat Others With Genuine Compassion and Fierce Loyalty

Business is an ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, one organism depends on the other organisms in the ecosystem to survive and flourish. This is a lesson I learned well when hitchhiking across the country and during the days that I lived in a tent. If you want to survive, you have GOT to be fiercely loyal to your pack, to share when you have something to share, and to create relationships of unconditional trust.

Being genuinely kind, helpful, and reliable to others without necessarily expecting anything in return goes a long way. The ethic of reciprocity may be cliché… “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – but so true.

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