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Christine OKelly

My name is Christine OKelly. I’m a mom, an internet entrepreneur, run a successful SEO copywriting firm and several other businesses. I am on a mission to create a substantial passive income.

Just over 2 years ago I was an operations manager for an internet start up company working 12 hour days, addicted to my Blackberry, ignoring my family, and becoming a shell of a person. My body required 10 shots of espresso per day, 1 Rockstar energy drink, and several Vivarin’s to remain functional. I was a superstar at work and unavailable to my own self and my family.

Today, I support my family while working around the things that are important to me. I walk my kids to and from school every day – they think I’m a stay at home mom. But it’s quite the opposite. I work when my energy is at it’s peak instead of sitting behind a desk just to fill a chair all day. I take breaks when I’m not into it. I love “working” because its a challenge and a form of creative expression.

I love talking to other people about their entrepreneurial journeys and their quests to escape the cubicle. My hope is that this blog serves as a place for like-minded , entrepreneurial free thinkers to meet and share advice and stories with one another.