Show me the money Dave Navarro!

Dave Navarro – you’ve put yourself and your time management coaching to the challenge when you put me On Notice! 😀

If for some reason you haven’t heard of Dave Navarro (no, not that Dave Navarro, but a rockstar all the same), you soon will because I’m about to see if his time management coaching can make me an extra $20,000 in passive income this year without taking away from the time I spend on my regular SEO copywriting business.

I know that $20,000 isn’t a TON of money to generate over the course of 10 months. But $20,000 in passive income is completely different than $20,000 made from swapping hours evenly for time. It seemed like a decent goal for my first real crack at passive income.

I have no doubt that I can recoup the $12 I invested in your early riser program many times over and have committed to getting up by at least 4am and working on passive income projects between 4 and 7 am for as long as it takes to get these projects completed. But I’ve got bigger issues Navarro! I was already getting up somewhere between 5 and 6 almost every day to handle my other obligations. How am I going to cram all of that lost time into the rest of my day Mr. Productivity Pants?

I completed the workbook page on Wiping out Weaknesses from Chapter 5 of your 30 Hours A Day program. One of the glaring weakness I have uncovered about myself (along with plenty of others) is a major problem with interruptions. I drilled into this problem a bit deeper and have identified the three major culprits:

Time Management Challenge #1

Two Crazy Little Kids Ages 6 and 7. These kids are cute, funny, awesome, and my favorite people in the world. They are also loud, bicker constantly with each other, generate huge piles of laundry, and leave enormous messes in their wake. I probably spend 2 hours a week just repeating the four phrases “brush your teeth”, “take a bath”, “do your homework”, and “clean your room.”

They require shuttling back and forth to school, ballet class, and hip hop class. They are also preparing for starring roles as a fork and plate in an upcoming school production of Beauty and the Beast for which I am supposed to be helping out with. I know you’ve got THREE kids and still have managed to blog consistently for Freelance Folder, put together monster-sized audio programs, do freelance consulting, and do this all while working a full-time gig – so you must know some kind of secret that I don’t. Help me Dave Navarro, you’re my only hope.

Time Management Challenge #2

Molly O’Kelly. The newest member of the O’Kelly clan is perhaps the cutest baby Scottish Terrier I have ever laid eyes upon. She also has zero bladder or bowel control and requires being taken outside on a leash every half hour. Still, she will return from her walk only to pee or crap on the carpet. The clean up alone has added several extra hours worth of steam cleaning to my weekly obligations. (Sorry about the bad picture. I had to take this with a cell phone because above mentioned kids dropped and broke my camera while arguing over who would use it next.)

Time Management Challenge #3

An Overstuffed Email Box. I use my email inbox as a “to do” list. Ideally, this should be empty each day – but does it look empty? Each one of these items represents some action that I must take. I’ve implemented David Allen’s GTD principal of handling everything that will take less than 2 minutes. This can and does consume about 4-5 hours of my week while still leaving a boatload of things in the email box. Here’s the challenge… I appreciate each and every person that writes with a question or an idea about growing their business and I want to get back to all of them… you’re not going to make me give this up are you?

So Navarro – do you think you can help me? Remember, I’ve still got to earn a living in the midst of all of this. Plus blogging which I love – and I’m also a contributor for a new and awesome blog called Sproutwire developed by Shane and Peter (these guys are a$$ kickers let me tell you… they get an idea and they MOVE on it and they don’t cut any corners!) I’ve got the ideas to create passive income – now I just need you to show me how to find the time to get them done! I’ve got both of your time management programs and I’m ready to put them to the test.
The Everyman Dilemma

Like most of the people who read this blog, I’m no big honcho with a staff of people to order around. I’m an everyday entrepreneur wearing multiple hats and juggling a bunch of responsibilities while trying to maintain somewhat of a life.

You are the person that I want to get my time management advice from because I know that you’re in the same boat as I am, and yet you manage to get more done than just about anyone else I know!
You’re not David Allen who is charging executives top dollar and probably doesn’t even need to work his a$$ off anymore. I believe in you Navarro because I’ve seen you accomplish amazing things while existing in the same trenches that most of us are in.

So Here’s the Deal…

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to be your most attentive student. I’m going to complete every worksheet in your coaching programs and listen to every piece of advice you give me and take action on it. I know it’s up to me to pull the trigger and to create something that will actually generate $20,000 in passive income over the coming year – I just need your help to find the time to actually do it!

Am I The Only One?

Does everyone else have it all together or are other people struggling with major time management issues? Do all of you just seem to have it together on the outside but are just as maxed out with time behind the scenes?

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