{About This Chick}

Twenty Five Years Ago

I went to a Grateful Dead show and decided regular life wasn’t for me

Ten Years Later

I had a couple of kids and thought I should probably do the “regular” thing

Five Years Later

I quit my job, gave up everything, rolled the dice, and took a chance

Two Years Later

I started this very blog to share the good, bad, and ugly experiences of starting a business from nothing

Three Years Later

I had launched a second venture and was running two successful companies

Five Years Later

I’m shaking things up to apply all of these experiences in new ways to see what will happen


{Here’s What I’ve Done So Far}

SEO Content Solutions was my first venture, born back in the early days of the internet before “SEO” was a household name. Though the online world has changed, it’s still running strong today.

SEO Content Solutions operates as an outsourced copywriting and content marketing team for marketing agencies, PR firms, web developers, and web designers that want to offer high quality, search-friendly content to their clients. Through our unique white label program, our clients can expand their spectrum of expertise, their suite of services, and their profits by leveraging our team under their own brand.

We also work directly with clients who have internal marketing teams but that need to outsource parts of their content writing or SEO. We’ve been the silent voice behind the scenes for numerous companies including eHarmony, Macy’s, and Network Solutions, to name a few.


As the world of content marketing, SEO, and online PR continued to evolve, I realized the incredible power of digital press release across all three areas.

It was the wild west and the centuries-old format and purpose was being re-designed for a modern landscape. I knew what my clients needed and didn’t want to wait for some else to create it. Thus, Online PR Media was born.

My business partner Tara and I built it from concept to completion. We grew the site from nothing to more than half a million registered users through strategic content and viral marketing. After 7 years, we sold the company to a fantastic new owner so that we could focus on new ventures.

At some point during all of this, I started a blog called Self Made Chick almost as an anti-establishment outlet. As a paid writer, I spent a lot of time writing the type of blog posts that many of my clients wanted… safe, generic, “filler” content, pumped out on a regular basis.

That kind of thing is a slow death to a writer’s soul.

I decided that I would only write about first-hand knowledge from first-hand experience. I decided I wanted to get below the surface — to talk about that elusive space in between of life that’s a little vulnerable and uncomfortable. I decided that if I didn’t feel a little scared to push that “publish” button, that it wasn’t worth publishing.

I could have never predicted the outcome. You can read what happened next here.